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STOP and take a breath…

  • Is Property Investment even right for you?
  • Is there a future for Property Investment in New Zealand?

The MINI Series is delivered to your email inbox so you can watch it in comfort. The Mini series is FREE and it is educational in its own right, it is also a glimpse into what the MEGA series is all about. First watch the MINI Series and learn, then make a decision if you want to learn more by registering for the MEGA Series.

Be ready to transform your Property Investment journey.

Educational in it's own right!

The Mini series is FREE and it is educational in it’s own right.

The MINI Series is a series of 4 video’s and we talk in depth around what sets the serious and successful investors apart from the rest. We give you strategies and tools to help give you clarity around your investment journey. We also share some fantastic expert knowledge, the technical stuff.

  • PART 1 – Is Property Investment even right for you?
  • PART 2 – Property Awareness and technical knowledge.
  • PART 3 – Expert content plus a special “BONUS” Section.
  • PART 4 – Navigating for success.

Each part will be delivered to your email inbox with a link so you can watch the content. The 4 videos will be delivered over a 4 week period.


For you …

  • 4 videos delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • A focus on what sets the successful investor apart from the rest.
  • Understand the need for clarity and strategy.
  • Technical knowledge from 27 experts.
  • An intro to the MEGA series yet educational in its own right.
  • Downloadable tools to make an immediate difference
  • ONLY accessable here

Start your Property Investment Transformation.

Don’t be left behind

How exciting ….. it’s ready to go!

Scheduled to run (online) until Monday 14th Sept 2020



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