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Let your journey begin ….

The MEGA Series is delivered through an online portal with your own secure login. It consists of over 25 modules and is delivered over 12+ weeks with 2 modules being released each week. We cover strategy and what “type of investor” will work for you, we take an indepth look at the technical expertise and then we introduce you to people that support investors and various investor types. We also give you the tools to assist with your ongoing success.

You certainly will be inspired when you hear from some of our investors and what they have achieved.

Your Property Investment journey will be transformed.

Wow, check it out!

Be Clear

  • MODULE 1 – The future of Property Investment with Tony Alexander and Ashley Church
  • MODULE 2 – Financial Planning and Property with Lisa Dudson
  • MODULE 3 – 4 Part strategy for success with Steve Tucker
  • MODULE 4 – Personal Performance with Robert Miller

Be inspired

  • MODULE 5 – Mel and Quent – case study

Be in the know – core team

  • MODULE 6 – Finance with Mortgage Broker, Sue Tierney
  • MODULE 7 – Tax and accountancy with Accountant, Mark Withers
  • MODULE 8 – Legals and protection with Lawyer, Shaun McGivern

Be inspired

  • MODULE 9 – Wayne – case study

Be in the know – prior to purchase

  • MODULE 10 – Working with Real Estate Agents, Jason Whitaker
  • MODULE 11 – Protecting Income with Edward Hempseed
  • MODULE 12 – Pre-purchase Inspection with Sarah Symon
  • MODULE 13 – Property Value with Rene McLean
  • MODULE 14 – Protecting Assets with Damian Alexander

Be in the know – technical

  • MODULE 15 – Understanding Interest Rates with Tony Alexander
  • MODULE 16 – Property Data with Ashley Church
  • MODULE 17 – Resi Tenancies Act, Healthy Homes and Tools with Steve Tucker and Dan Vincent
  • MODULE 18 – Depreciation and cashflow with Steve Tucker
  • MODULE 19 – Town planning and Council with Hamish Firth


Be inspired

  • MODULE 20 – John – case study

Be in the know – during ownership

  • MODULE 21 – Property Management with Tom Finlay
  • MODULE 22 – Renovation of Buildings and Landscape with Chris Caiger and Matt Steele

Be in the know

  • MODULE 23 – Property Development with David Whitburn
  • MODULE 24 – Years of change with property expert Cathy Allen

Be inspired

  • MODULE 25 – Aaron – case study

Be accountable – taking action

  • MODULE 26 – The role of a Buyers agency or Property Finder with Campbell Venning
  • MODULE 27 – The role of a Property Coach and Mentor with Phil Thompson
  • MODULE 28 – Taking action and achieving success with Steve Tucker and Robert Miller

NOTE: This may be subject to change, this should be taken as a guide only and please understand the final course delivery structure and content may differ.

Each module will contain a series of videos covering off each of the seperate topics that the speaker and module covers.

  • Each Module will generally consist of 4 – 10 videos
  • Each video will generally be between 5 – 25 minutes.

Two modules will be release each week and can be watched at the time of release OR throughout the duration of the series. You will have continued access to the series for 4 weeks after the final module so you can recap material where you wish.

SNEAK PEEK – Module 8

Legals and protection with Lawyer, Shaun McGivern

  • TOPIC 1 – Introduction (8 mins)
  • TOPIC 2 – Your Strategy (17 mins)
  • TOPIC 3 – Access to funds, alternative thinking (9 mins)
  • TOPIC 4 – Due diligence (15 mins)
  • TOPIC 5 – Legal Title (14 mins)
  • TOPIC 6 – Ownership options (9 mins)
  • TOPIC 7 – Wrap up and “Golden Nugget” (10 mins)
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You will be “inspired”, you will certainly be “educated”. We will also “equip you with tools”, and you will be “connected” with the professionals.

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