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STOP and take a breath.

  • Is Property Investment even right for you?
  • Is there a future for Property Investment in New Zealand?

A Property Investment series like no other.

We investigate all of the options and ask the hard questions, so you have clarity for your Property Investment journey.

  • What questions do you want answered?

Designed to accelerate your success, while holding tight to those and what’s around you. Success doesn’t have to come at a cost.

All from the comfort of your home.


27 Property Experts, all sharing their knowledge.

We are not, an investor that made it 15 years ago telling you how they did it, in a vastly different environment. We are not an investment company telling you how great property is so you sign up to our programme.

We are a group of 27 independent property people sharing knowledge.

Knowledge so you can make an informed decision around the best property strategy for you.

How exciting ….. it’s ready to go!

Why the Property Investment MINI and MEGA series?

There is no doubting history and it tell us that property investment can be a fantastic strategy for building wealth. There are plenty of success stories out there, BUT there are also plenty of failures.

  • What strategy will work best for you?

There are so many ways to invest in property, the “online” MINI and MEGA series is about giving you clarity on what investment strategy will work for you, to accelerate your personal vision of success.

  • Are you a hands off and wait investor – Does this sound like you?
  • Are you keen to get hands on and create wealth – Does this sound like you?



Now the beauty with property is you can position yourself anywhere in between. The key is finding the strategy that works for you.

This is what really sets those that have succeeded apart from those that have stumbled and struggled along the way.

join the mega series now -don't miss out!

You will be “inspired”, you will certainly be “educated”. We will also “equip you with tools”, and you will be “connected” with the professionals.

Our aim is to accelerate your success, while holding tight to those and what’s around you, success doesn’t need to come at a cost.

Meet our team of experts

  • Tony Alexander, Economist
  • Ashley Church, Property Commentator
  • Lisa Dudson, Financial Planner, Acumen
  • Robert Miller, Performance Coach
  • Shaun McGivern, Lawyer, Haigh Lyon
  • Mark Withers, Accountant, Withers Tsang
  • Sue Tierney, Mortgage Broker, STML
  • Tom Finlay, Property Manager, Quinovic
  • Sarah Symon, Pre-purchase Inspection, Realsure
  • Edward Hempseed, Life Insurance, The Insurance Place
  • Damian Alexander, Fire & General Insurance, NZFB
  • Campbell Venning, Buyers Agency, The Property Factory


Learn more about our team of experts


  • Hamish Firth, Town Planner, Mt Hobson Group
  • Cathy Allen, Property Expert, TractionHQ
  • Chris Caiger, Renovations, Refresh
  • Matt Steele, Landscaping, Zones
  • Jason Whitaker, Real Estate Agent, Property Brokers
  • David Whitburn, Property Development, My Property Farmer
  • Phil Thompson, Mentor/Coach, Assetlab
  • Rene McLean, Registered Valuer, Property InDepth
  • Steve Tucker, Depreciation specialist, Valuit
  • Dan Vincent, Property Maintenance, Oncore
  • And more, including some great case studies/interviews with investors.

At BE our process for success is a journey and consists of 4  STAGES, our strategic journey.….

  • Being Clear – discovery and understanding
  • Being Realistic – the plan and pathway
  • Being Better – developing and improving
  • Being Accountable – monitoring and reviewing progress.

Applying this business strategy to your Property Investment journey will make a huge difference to your success. It is the focus when working through the “be clear, be realistic, be better and be accountable” process that fantastic things happen. We achieve success, our own definition of success.

Traditionally when Property Investors talk about strategy they refer to a buy and hold strategy or a trading strategy or many others. We look at it very differently. Strategy for us at BE is the big picture, the overall journey. For Property Investors the 2nd biggest question within this is what type of Investor are you going to be. What will work for you and your personal circumstances. Are you hands on or hands off? How much time can you commit to investing? You may notice I said the 2nd biggest question. The biggest question I cover off within the MINI and MEGA Series.

You will be impressed.

Your Property Investment journey will be transformed. Accelerate your success while holding tight to everything and everyone around you.

Success doesn’t have to come at a cost.

The "online" MINI and MEGA Series

The Mini series is FREE and it is educational in its own right. It is also a glimpse into what the MEGA series is all about. First watch the MINI Series and learn, then make a decision if you want to learn more by registering for the MEGA Series.

Don’t be left behind.

The FREE MINI Series is a series of 4 video’s and we talk in depth around what sets the serious and successful investors apart from the rest. We give you strategies and tools to help give you clarity around your investment journey. We also share some fantastic expert knowledge, the technical stuff.

The MEGA Series is delivered through an online portal with your own secure login. It consists of over 25 modules and is delivered over 12+ weeks with 2 modules being released each week. We cover strategy and what “type of investor” will work for you, we take an indepth look at the technical expertise and then we introduce you to people that support investors and various investor types. We also give you the tools to assist with your ongoing success. All of this for just a small investment.

You certainly will be inspired when you hear from some of our investors and what they have achieved.

Your Property Investment journey will be transformed.

Secure your spot in the online MEGA series

The MINI detail

Is Property Investment even right for you?

What’s the future of Property Investment in NZ?

  • 4 videos delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • A focus on what sets the successful investor apart from the rest.
  • Understand the need for clarity and strategy.
  • Technical knowledge from 27 experts.
  • An intro to the MEGA series yet educational in its own right.
  • Downloadable tools to make an immediate difference
  • ONLY accessable here

Start your Property Investment Transformation.

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The MEGA detail

Be clear on what type of investor you are and what your strategy is.

What’s the future of Property Investment in NZ?

  • Over 25 modules delivered through a secure online platform.
  • A focus on what sets the successful investor apart from the rest.
  • Be clear on what type on Investor you are and the required strategy and path to get help you achieve success.
  • Technical knowledge from 27 experts with over 100 individual topics.
  • Downloadable tools and resources with notes on each module that you can add to, to make them your own.
  • Thousands of dollars in bonus discount offers from our professional team.
  • Watch a module as soon as it is released or watch it at a later time during the duration of the course.
  • MEGA series will run over 12 – 15 weeks with an additional 4 weeks access period so you can recap.

Your Property Investment journey will be Transformed


Are you keen to see all the detail, including the schedule and topics for each module?

Sneak peek – check out the mega course content

The Property Investor “online” MINI and MEGA series is right for ……

  • learning if property is right for you
  • identifying what type of Property Investor you are
  • You may already be investing but want to do it better
  • Anyone that wants to build a portfolio
  • You may want to gain clarity and direction around property investment
  • Upskill on all the technical knowledge and current best practices
  • Someone that wants to accelerate their success

Really anyone with an interest in Property Investment.

You will gain …..

  • Inspiration, yes this is right for me, I love it.
  • Knowledge, all the ins and outs from 27 Independent industry professional experts and top investors.
  • Tools, notes, templates to help you on your property journey.
  • Support from the huge team of professional experts and investors that have combined their knowledge, a team who are happy to share their knowledge and help you.

Be ready to transform your Property Investment journey and to accelerate your success

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