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Be Business Education

Business Education to accelerate success, while holding tight to everything and everyone you have, success doesn’t need to come at a cost.

Our mantra is…..

  • “Be inspired” – to light the fire that allows you to “believe”.
  • “Be in the know” – to give you a step up through identifying and accessing knowledge.
  • “Be equipped” – to guide you with tools you can personalise and adapt.
  • “Be connected” – to provide an ongoing support network to accelerate your success.

Clarity on exactly what you need to do, and the motivation, knowledge, tools, and support, to get you there.

“You can accelerate your success, while holding tight to everything and everyone you have, success doesn’t need to come at a cost.”

Steve Tucker

“Personal” Business and “Professional” Business …..

At BE we look at “Business” a little differently. “Business” can be defined as “being actively engaged in an activity”, at BE our approach is that to achieve your ultimate vision of “success” requires knowledge and focus across both your “Professional Business” and “Personal Business”. Very simply, being engaged in your work life and your home life. Maintaining a balance across these two aspects is critical to your ultimate dream. This is what our framework does. Through the experiences on my journey, it is these “Personal” and “Professional” Pillars, and the framework we have developed around these, that sets us apart or makes us different from other Business Educators.

We have adapted, added to, and improved the framework so that it suits everyone. It is a framework that inspires, allows you to identify what you do not know, provides you with adaptable tools and guidance and connects you with a support network. A framework that you can follow, step by step. A framework that focuses on “Personal” and “Professional”.

Our “Personal” and “Professional” Pillars and the development of these is unique and really does make the long-held business mantra of “work / life balance” a reality.

So what does success look like for you?

I challenge you to rethink success…..

Business and Success. Traditionally we are left to muddle through it, stumble ahead, learning slowly through unnecessary and sometimes costly mistakes. No clear reason or understanding, no pathway to get us through, step by step. Just a barrage of ideologies and statements. Do this, do that, no structure or process. Fighting fires.

There are numerous studies that point to a lack of knowledge and isolation as being major blocks to growth and success in Small Business. “Many of us are unaware of what we do not know” and therefore never seek the solutions.

Success is not overnight, despite the fact that we look at many individuals within society, and we think that for them it was. The reason for this is we generally do not notice until we see the new car, the news article or we hear people talking about them, at this point we often perceive they have achieved success.

  • I challenge you to rethink success. What really is success?

BE provides the solution, the framework to achieving your personal vision of success, the ability to hold on to everything and everyone you have, success doesn’t have to come at a cost.

At BE our process for success is a journey and consists of 4  STAGES, our strategic journey.….

  • Being Clear – discovery and understanding
  • Being Realistic – the plan and pathway
  • Being Better – developing and improving
  • Being Accountable – monitoring and reviewing progress.

And the real difference within BE is that we apply this across not only our “Professional” but also the “Personal” aspects of our life. It is the focus and resulting balance between the “Personal” and “Professional” aspects when working through the “be clear, be realistic, be better and be accountable” process that fantastic things happen. We achieve success, our own definition of success.

It is important to understand that if you are wanting to achieve success at a level higher than the majority, to be above average (just to clarify, this is in your eyes not societies or friends and family) then we do need to be deliberate. Being deliberate can accelerate our journey to success, help us to achieve it quicker. At BE this comes through a having a strategy, our 4-Stage Strategic Journey.

Strategy is defined as, the art of planning and directing overall operations and movements towards achieving an aim.

“Personal” is your being, your home life
“Professional” is your doing, your work life

Be the best you can be.

How we deliver…

We provide a combination of online and in person group training.

Remember our Mantra of …

  • “Be inspired”
  • “Be in the know”
  • “Be equipped” and
  • “Be connected”.

… this guides us at all times, and we ensure all of our education supports this.

Business Education to accelerate success, while holding tight to everything and everyone you have.


Success doesn’t need to come at a cost.

Our first training series, and a test for BE going forward, is the “Property Investment MEGA Series”. Why Property Investment?

I want to educate you in all areas of business, Personal and Professional, and part of this is understanding investment strategies to help create wealth. I have worked in the property industry for over 25 years and I know plenty of people. It seemed like the perfect place to trial all of my processes and systems before offering them out to small business owners.

Be inspired

Watching, listening and being connected with people that resonate with you will leave you animated and filled with the desire or spirit to do something. To discover the courage within!

Inspiration has the power to move you from apathy to possibility.

It can be activated and captured, having a major effect on important personal and professional outcomes.

You will want more.

Be in the know

The knowledge you gain from watching, listening and being connected to relatable people, who like you, are specialists in their profession, will open your mind to aspects of your personal and professional business that you have been sheltered from.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

With an understanding and knowledge across the BE pillars of “Personal Business” and “Professional Business” you will discover and know – what you did not know, a list of work-ons.

Be better. Improve and develop.

Be equipped

The hardest part can be knowing where to start.

BE will furnish you with many of the tools required for you to work towards your desired level of success These are a guide or best practice, work with the various tools as they are, or adapt for yourself, make them your own to suit how you work best.

Being equipped is empowerment, the power to move forward confidently.

Be connected

Other participants and speakers that you connect with become your ongoing support network.

With a common interest, access and communication encourages you to continue to engage with participants and speakers into the future.

The speakers are real people and like you are working towards achieving their personal vision of success. Not only will they become part of your support network but you will also become part of theirs.

A shared journey.

“Learning to understanding myself and the human requirement for balance to achieve success, is my greatest success”

Steve Tucker


Yes we have a focus on balance, however, with balance comes the potential to be out of balance and this can halt your journey towards success. A slight imbalance is what encourages us to learn and grow as we work to improve and stay in balance. But an excessive imbalance leads to pressure which can impact mental health. I know this through personal experience.


So I am on a mission. My mission is this:

“To eradicate depression and suicide triggered through pressures in business.”


BE Business Education is the tool to enable this mission. To provide knowledge and support to allow you to achieve and accelerate success, while holding tight to everything and everyone you have.

Success doesn’t need to come at a cost.

“Punch after punch the wounds mounted, when do I give up? It had taken 15 years, and here I was in the ring and under attack. Blocked in and well away from the exit. I was facing a barrage of punches, all fueled by anger, frustration, jealousy, failure, and it was all directed at me, it was my fault, I was to blame. At this time the values we had agreed upon, and were published on the wall behind me, had gone, seemingly forgotten.”